Dear brothers and friends,

We are commited to providing a place of authenic relasionships to grow in a Christian walk between men from our church and our surrounding area. In this coming season we would like to carry on this commitement by providing Christian men with time to pray, fellowship and recieve sound Bible teaching.

This fall we will be going through a 12 sesson series from Dr. David Jeremiah’s study on the subjects that matters in every Christian's life. Fear, Anxiety, Discourgment, Doubts, Anger and many other "Giants" we face in our pursuit to live God focused life.

We at PTC church warmly invite you to our Wednesday men’s ministry. This has been a place for men from our church and from the community to attend and Connect our weekly men’s group in the Fireside Room of our new church building.

Join us to see what the Bible have to say about these subjects and how it weaves among these heroic stories of the past real-life accounts and how they help us to live victoriously. 

Pastor Amir Younas