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 The White Gift offering gives our church family the opportunity to partner with some of our PTC missionaries to help fund key needs. We would encourage you to pray for these projects and consider helping with these needs. This year, we have set the goal of $7000. All excess funds will be directed to the Refugee Sponsorship fund.  

If you feel led to give, there are two options.

1. Mark an envelope clearly with White Gift Offering & put it in the offering box at PTC.  

2. Give online by E-Transfer. Please make note in the message that your gift is for the White Gift Offering and send to  

*Please note that the last day to give to these projects is December 20.   

Here are the four projects for this year. 

1. Help the Ethiopian Deaf Training Program with materials & equipment 

Bill & Elizabeth Broers – SIM

There is very little support for deaf people in Ethiopia. Many are illiterate and have little opportunity for work. SIM has started a Deaf Training program in Addis Ababa which teaches English, Woodworking and Sports.  The goal is to help these young people learn skills that will help them to become self-supporting.  The program focuses on building relationships with the young people, seeking to share God’s love & Truth with them. As part of the program, they invite the youth to camps that are held throughout the year. These camps provide a great opportunity for spiritual ministry.   Our goal is to raise $2000 to help provide materials and equipment for the Deaf Training Program.  

2. Help the Ethiopian Trauma Healing Project with translation & printing costs                

Bill & Elizabeth Broers – SIM

As civil war continues to rage in Ethiopia, many people are facing very significant physical and emotional trauma from the war. SIM has a new Trauma Healing project that is focused on serving the mental and emotional needs of these vulnerable people. The project will be training facilitators for trauma    healing groups throughout the country. These groups will provide a  Christ-centered pathway to find healing.  Money is needed to cover the final translation and printing costs of the material that will be used in the training.  Our goal is to raise $2000 to help towards this need.  

3. Help towards purchasing a computer for the work of NCEM

Jonathan & Danelle Yeo – NCEM

As the NCEM Bible Camp Coordinator, Jonathan does a lot of traveling between the different camps, Headquarters and their home. He is not able to bring a computer with him as he only has a desktop computer at home. This causes frustration and makes it difficult to be efficient. Being able to bring a laptop with him when he travels would allow him to be much more productive.   Our goal is to raise $1500 to help provide a computer for Jonathan & Danelle in their ministry with NCEM.  

4. Help towards purchasing a computer for the work of ReachGlobal

Ernest & Effie Dyck – ReachGlobal

Ernest & Effie Dyck have a ministry of coaching & mobilization of churches in Latin America and the Caribbean. They work both regionally and virtually with their ministry partners. This requires technology and a functioning computer.  Our goal is to raise $1500 to help provide a computer for Ernest & Effie in their ministry with ReachGlobal.