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Three Hills! Three crosses! Is there a connection? Traditionally a battleground for warring tribes, this territory was turned into a place of grace and truth through the power of the Gospel. And now, PTC has an important role in continuing this gospel legacy of faith and service for the community and the world. 

The Easter season offers a wonderful opportunity for the Church to renew its sense of vision concerning what its existence and purpose is all about. It’s in the historical reality of those three crosses outside Jerusalem so many years ago that PTC finds its “raison d’etre.” It’s in the power of the cross of Christ at the center of the three that lives can be rescued from sin’s judgment and power. Without question, PTC’s future ministry will depend on the degree to which the story of the three crosses is central to its life and service in the Three Hills community and beyond.    

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Andrew Davison over 2 years ago

Having a blog is a step in the right direction. Looking forward to the board report.

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