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Mums for moms!

Surely the celebration of motherhood is as old as life itself but evidently it began in North America when Anna Jarvis, in 1907, led in a memorial for her own mother at a Methodist Church in West Virginia. Over the next few years “mother’s day” was celebrated increasingly in more and more states until in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday.

It does seem biblically appropriate that we should recognize the huge role that our mothers have played in all of our lives. In reading through 2 Kings again recently, I was struck with how often kings’ mothers are mentioned inferring the significance of their influence (i.e. 2 Kings 18:2, 21:1, 22:1, 24:18).  

This Sunday at the 9:30, being Mother’s Day, we plan to celebrate God’s goodness to all of us through our moms by focusing attention on the biblical importance of this role. There will be a number of special features highlighting the wonder and beauty of God’s plan through moms. Worship in song will be led by Pam Graham and her team. One of the songs that the team will lead is called, Desert Song. 

Another feature of this service will be a video, prepared by Jeaneth and her team of children from PTC giving thanks for their moms. And the message part of the service will consist of three PTC moms sharing about what it means for them to be called to serve as Christian moms—Theresa Yeo, Mary Epp, and Ashley Savage.

Have a blessed Mother's Day weekend. 

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