Prairie Tabernacle Congregation is earnestly praying for God’s guidance to secure a Lead Pastor with pastoral experience who believes he is called by God to lead in developing a thriving church that impacts the community of Three Hills, Alberta, and the world.  

Through its long history with Prairie Bible Institute (now Prairie College) and since its inception as a church in 1956, PTC has provided a place of worship, fellowship, and ministry to the community and region and has served as a base of support for multiple missionaries and mission ministries.  

Through a recent assessment process the church has determined that while the congregation is positively characterized by a tradition of strong biblical centeredness, family-like togetherness, and consistent prayerful mission support, it needs to find new ways to develop leadership that reaches out more effectively with the gospel to the current generation. Prairie Tabernacle Congregation is now looking for a pastor who has the spirituality, personality, and skill combination to effectively bring together the church’s rich missional heritage with today’s generational need for relevant biblical ministry in this vibrant rural community. 

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