Dear PTC Friends, 

In the light of recent Alberta government regulations PTC will be suspending all public gatherings until further notice. If you have questions please call the church office—403 443 5858. Please connect with the on-line Sunday morning service at 9:30 am and Tuesday evening prayer meeting at 7 pm.--at type in Prairie Tabernacle Congregation. Or use this link:

Those who are part of the PTC community with medical questions about COVID-19, should call 8-1-1. If the wait is too long you can send a request to along with your name and number and Dr. Luke Savage will attempt to respond when he is able.  Those needing pastoral care should send their requests to who will them to Jim Stenstrom. Let us live by faith and with love support our PTC community during this time of uncertainty.

Coronavirus Task Force—Dr. Luke Savage, Dr. Martin Reedyk and BOE chairman, Albert Ehmann